Why Do I Exist?

Have you ever taken the time to simply sit back, relax, clear your mind and ask yourself the question… why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? Why was I created, and what will I do with my creation? Furthermore, why does existence itself exist?

My name is Steve. I’m a philosopher and a student of Biology. Much of my life after the age of 13 has been spent in deep thought and meditation, pondering the mysteries of life and existence. I have read the works of many great philosophers and studied many religions and their teachings regarding the purpose of our existence.

I believe, I have come to a conclusion, and just may have an answer for the question “Why Do We Exist.”

I don’t make this statement lightly, and I don’t claim to be absolutely sure of my conclusion. In fact, even if I am proven to be correct in the end, there still are many questions left. Namely, why does existence exist. That, of course, is a much greater question than simply why we exist, but the path I have stumbled upon may be the first step towards the possibility of understanding and forming an actual answer.

So why do I exist? Well, when considering an answer I would suggest we look at humanity in its present form and gauge what its greatest gift is. In my opinion, we are most adept as creators, thinkers, problem solvers. We shape the world around us, sometimes for the better, sometimes… for the worse. I fully believe that with the rapid increases in intellect which we are soon to witness that we will move away from our selfishness and instead contribute solely to the greater good. Indeed, I believe we were created to solve the greatest problem we currently face.

Keep in mind this is just an idea, and with our current level of technology we are unable to make certain either way. However, through the work of great scientists and physicists, we have come to understand something… troubling. Now, if I were to simply state my conclusion here it would largely go unnoticed, for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, my ideas, my plans, my thoughts themselves are so radical, so ahead of the  current level of conceptuality, that it would either be ignored or ridiculed by the masses. I know this, because I have discussed my ideas with classmates, professors, and others. I have seen the look on their faces – the shock, the awe, and even the gentle humor (which is by far my favorite reaction so far). Each reaction, was fully expected. For this reason, rather than simply disclose this goal to an unprepared audience, I have elected instead to write a book on the subject.

My book “The Reason” is a fictional story about a scientist who discovers many things, including the reason for awareness within the universe. That part, in my mind, is non fiction. I have been working on this project for quite some time already, and I admit I have a quite a ways to go. This, however, is not a selfish endeavor, I do not expect to profit largely from the sale of this book. Quite the contrary, my goal is only to connect with other like-minded individuals so that we can approach this question “Why Do I Exist” in unity.

As I progress with this book, I will post various chapters, and eventually (if possible) the entire work here on this blog to be freely pondered over and debated. After all, this is a work for all of humanity, and I have no right nor desire to withhold anything from those who are truly interested and wish to devote themselves to a higher purpose.

Each and every one of us deserves to understand the nature of our own existence, and why we exist collectively. Through my work, and the collective input of each and every one of you, I hope to shed light upon this most ancient question. But, I need your help. Your criticism, your ideas and thoughts. In this way, I ask for whatever help you have to give, be it in the form of thoughts, donations, or anything else which will make my path clear and free of the burdens which we all face.

For now, I want to thank you for visiting my blog, and again, please do not hesitate to add your input here, or contact me directly with your thoughts and ideas. We are truly in this one together.